Lethatechne - Zaraz Zaraz EP

by Lethatechne



Lethatechne is the project of Adam Dupaski. Self-taught as a drummer in numerous punk and indie rock bands operating between the American Midwest and Central Europe, a couple years ago he decided to move beyond his memories of keeping (and cluttering) time on the drums into new realms of music he could make on his own.

Motivated by the concept of the lethatechnique – a method of forgetting, ars oblivionis – these are songs for triggering the aims of oblivion, for ignoring time outside the signature and the loop, and for forgetting rock & roll. Lethatechne is a lethatechnique in action: a sonic purging of personal history and an exploration of other zones of recollection.

The project balances a love of left-field house and colorful techno with a gravitation towards drone, noise, and sound collage. The freedom enabled by Ableton Live plays an important role: the drummer finally able to move out from behind the kit and beyond necessary collaboration. An earlier tape-dictaphone project can be mentioned as well: field recordings of Eastern European towns provide source material for manipulation, as do lo-fi recordings of old drum rooms and the midnight guitars of friends.

On the Zaraz Zaraz EP, Letehatechne continues an investigation into the potential (and lack thereof) for a happy forgetting.


released April 3, 2015

Produced, arranged and mastered by Lethatechne

Check out soundcloud.com/lethatechnic for more sounds




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